Miley Cyrus bad attitude

Miley Cyrus bad attitude - Attitudes and actions teen actress, Miley Cyrus, made her father feel very worried. Billy Ray Cyrus admitted that she feared her daughter's behavior will become increasingly difficult to control.

"I was afraid something happened to my daughter. She was among the people who can put it in much danger. I want to protect it," said Billy Ray as quoted by Femalefirst.
Miley was caught on camera when she was drunk at her birthday party some time ago. Billy also said that he did not agree with Miley anniversary celebration of the 18th that was held at a bar laden with alcohol. When interviewed by American magazine, GQ, Billy tells his disappointment. "It should bar the place for people who are aged 21 years and over," he said. Men who are taking care of the divorce with Tish (Miley Cyrus's mother) had also expressed his frustration on a TV program that catapulted the name of Cyrus. He pointed to programs produced by Disney was a very bad impact on his family. Billy hopes 'Hannah Montana'never happened.

"Show it has destroyed my family. I hate to say it, but it's true. I think I want to go back in a matter of seconds,"said the man was 49 years.


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