Justin Bieber was arrested?

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Justin Bieber was arrested? - Teen pop star Justin Bieber was arrested in South Florida on Thursday 23 January 2014 due to on charges of driving while drunk alcohol after being caught doing illegal racing on the highway with a rented yellow Lamborghini, police said. Two SUVs blocked the highway, so the singer of the song " Boyfriend " 19-year -old could race with his friend , who was driving a red Ferrari rental , Miami Beach police spokesman , Vivian Hernandez. Justin Bieber was also charged with refusing arrest without violence and driving with output Georgia driver's license is expired , said Hernandez . Bieber's friend , who is also a singer , Khalil Sharieff , was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol , the spokesman said .
He said Justin Bieber seems to be allowed bail filed after he was transferred to another prison . Opa - locka City police , Florida said it is investigating the action officer who gave an unofficial escort to Bieber and his entourage pass traffic after they landed at the local airport. Justin Bieber offstage behavior often overshadows his musical career during the past year when the rising Canadian star at the age of 15 years was growing up . Earlier this month , detectives raided the home of Bieber in California after he was accused of throwing a neighbor's home with eggs, according to Reuters
Justin Bieber appoint three best lawyers in America as well, first pointing Justin Roy Black, one of the best lawyers in America. Black previously known due to free William Kennedy Smith on charges of rape and also became a lawyer Rush Limbaugh, radio commentator over alleged drug abuse. Black also became lawyers on the case are alleged to Kelsey Grammer, driver Helio Castroneves and creator of the television drama Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis. In addition to Roy Black, Justin also pointed to Howard Weitzman and the best criminal lawyer in Miami, Howard Srebnick. Grammar will cooperate with other Justin Bieber lawyer, Howard Weitzman and Howard Srebnick
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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris has reunited again?

The former and boss of Playboy Magazine Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris now back together. Both announced their relationship through Twitter. "Glad to be back home in the Playboy Mansion with @ hughhefner and our dog Charlie. I miss all the laughter and love," writes Crystal Aceshowbiz launched on Saturday (06/02/2012).
She then assured her followers in Twitter.
Crystal Harris has now admitted it back into the arms of Hugh. "Yes, me and @ hughhefner back together. Yes I'm female number 1 again. Yes we are happy. I hope this can align all of your confusion," she continued.
Hugh Hefner was then respond to tweet. Make sure he and Crystal are canceled 5 days before the wedding engagement was back together. "Back with Crystal Harris is not surprising because I did have a history of always close with my ex-girlfriend," said Hugh.
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Heather Locklear hospitalized

Actress TV series "Melrose Place" Heather Locklear was rushed to hospital by ambulance on Wednesday afternoon. Locklear allegedly taking too many drugs and alcohol.
"At 14:05 o'clock we received a telephone from North Ranch," said a spokesman from Ventura Country Sheriff's Department as reported by U.S. Magazine, Sunday (15/01/2012).
"A patient was sent to Los Robles hospital for emergency treatment," he added.
According to TMZ, 50-year-old actress had been taking a combination of drugs and alcohol. His sister decided to call the paramedics and hospital care.
Locklear, who recently called as the fiancee of Jack Wagner, last seen watching a basketball game Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center.
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Caught in the act : Justin Bieber hold Selena's butt!!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seems to have no longer shy show intimacy in public. After several times seen kissing, this time caught Justin Bieber was holding Selena's butt. Oops! The incident caught on camera while Bieber traveled to Washington DC, USA, Sunday (12/11/2011) local time. In all activities Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez does look always accompany. Thus was launched the Daily Mail, Monday (12/12/2011) Singer of 'Baby' was seen wearing black jeans, boots and a gray patterned sweater. He also wore a black wool hat on his head to protect hair that became his trademark. Meanwhile, Selena looked beautiful with brown pants, black leather jacket and customized with accessories. Black knee-high boots and a long scarf, further adds to the appearance of Selena look fashionable. Not long ago, Bieber and Selena had a holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While there, Justin looks fun photographing Selena looks sexy with a bikini.
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Jason Mraz perform in Bali November 2011

Jason Mraz perform in Bali November 2011 - Singer Jason Mraz are excited to perform in Bali. He also promised a different appearance with an acoustic concert. The concert titled "Jason Mraz is a Special Acoustic Evening With Toca Rivera" was held at the Park aka Bhagavan, Nusa Dua, Bali on Wednesday 09 November 2011. The singer who is famous for his song 'I'm Yours' is also going to sing some new songs. "I will also present two new songs," Mraz said when met at The Seminyak Beach and Resort Spa, Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Tuesday 8 November 2011. Jason Mraz born June 23, 1977, Virginia, the United States will also perform with Toca Rivera. This concert series is also one of their tour to celebrate ten years of independent albums. Jason Mraz is very eager to entertain his fans in Bali. He also promised to entertain and invite audience fatigue with releasing music as a means of meditation. "My Fans on Facebook and Twitter from Indonesia asked me to perform here," he said. Meanwhile, Head of the Promoters of 3 Ocean Live Fadli Ward says Mraz presents no difficulty to Indonesia. It was created because he is too excited Mraz perform in Bali.
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