Ashton Kutcher like nude in front of camera

Actor Ashton Kutcher has never refused to do sex scenes in movies. The husband of actress Demi Moore was also always feel comfortable showing off her body in front of the camera.

"I like naked in front of the camera, I do not know why," Ashton said as quoted by Showbiz Spy, Wednesday (02/23/2011).

According to him, naked in front of the camera or anywhere else should not have dipermasalahnya. Ashton felt weird there are people who protested against the nude scenes.

"We are born into this world in a naked condition," he said.

Not long ago, Ashton released his latest film, 'No Strings Attached' with actress Natalie Portman. Ashton was acting without clothes in one scene the film.

"I do not feel awkward during filming that scene, but there is 40 people who are not all I know," he explained.


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