Brad Pitt and Jolie on valentine day

Brad Piit and Jolie on valentine day - Regarded as the month of February with love. Understand it, because every February 14 is celebrated Valentine's Day or known by the day of love. A number of celebrity couples busy preparing to welcome the day of love.

Includes the famous Hollywood couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Reportedly, Pitt is preparing a surprise for her life partner on Valentine's Day this year. It is estimated this year will be the most beautiful and unforgettable Valentine for the actress.

As quoted from OK Magazine, Saturday, February 12 said that Pitt will give a special gift for the mother of his six children on Valentine Day which falls on next Monday.

In order to celebrate moments of love, the actor is set aside their self-interest who want to continue living and working in Los Angeles. He instead chose to prepare a romantic event with Jolie in the countryside in France.

In fact, secretly without letting Jolie, she first went to France to renovate their luxury villas that have a very large garden in a village in France.

According to sources, Pitt actually really want to spend time for a career in Los Angeles. However, different from the Jolie Pitt wants more happy to be outside the United States. Pitt was willing to sacrifice to please her partner is.

"Pitt really love America. Meanwhile, Angie wanted to spend time outside the U.S.," said the source


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