Jennifer Aniston intend to enlarge breasts

Jennifer Aniston started not confident with her body shape, especially in the chest. Reportedly, Jennifer has the intention to do 'alter' the breast on the operating table for its size becomes greater than ever. Jennifer's desire has been described as relating to her role for her new film titled 'Wanderlust'. In this film, Jennifer is planning to appear topless, aka showing off her chest. Finally, she also expressed her wish to undergo breast surgery. Jennifer reasoned perform plastic surgery to enlarge the chest for the sake of his career as an actress.

"I think Jennifer always felt uncomfortable with her appearance. And she was nervous and wanted to show her body for the world to see," said the source was quoted as saying of Showbizspy, Friday, September 17, 2010.

Reportedly, this blond-haired artist was busy looking for the right surgeon to realize these desires. "I'm not surprised if Jennifer did an investigation looking for a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to enlarge her breasts before the movie started," she said. For her new movie later, Jennifer would compete acting with actors, Paul Rudd. She and Paul described as a married couple living in Manhattan and then moved to Atlanta


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