Miley Cyrus fall in love with Josh Bowman?

Miley Cyrus  fall in love with Josh Bowman?- Miley Cyrus rumored to re-engage love the location with co-star in new movie the young artist. She was caught making out with Josh Bowman who was a former boyfriend was singer Amy Winehouse.As quoted from U.S. Magazine, Tuesday, February 8, 2011, Bowman and Cyrus was involved with my filming for the movie 'So Undercover'. They both told each other interested in the film. And it turns out in real life, 18-year-old artist was also rumored to have a heart with these actors.   
Both were caught on camera was to spend time together in the park Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Cyrus Bowman leaning on his chest. Cyrus Bowman embraced tenderly. And they smile together. However, Cyrus did not want to rush love with decided to establish a 22-year-old actor. "She still enjoys his solitude," said the source.
Cyrus broke up with Liam Hemsworth in August. They met since filming together in the movie 'The Last Song'. While Bowman out with Winehouse in the year 2009. Their relationship did not go smoothly


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