Mila Kunis nervous 'Sex' with Timberlake?

Mila Kunis has been busy promoting two new movies. When telling contribution to the film 'Black Swan' in Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kunis had little leverage on other recent movie that starred along with Justin Timberlake. As quoted from UsMagazine December 6, 2010, Kunis said openly, that she exciting involved in scenes with the singer who is now busy honing acting in the film world, Justin Timberlake.

Kunis and Timberlake juxtaposed in new comedy 'Friends With Benefits' which is scheduled to release July next year."I really admire Justin Timberlake's acting. He is a singer and actor who is very great," said 27-year actress. The show host, Ellen DeGeneres, also flicked about the exciting scenes that are played both in the movie. Suddenly his face flushed Mila Kunis stifling shame. Finally, she was willing to open the secret of impressions and experiences while diving sex scene with Justin Timberlake.

"I feel uncomfortable because of strange awkward feeling nervous mixed into one. This feeling lasted for 2 weeks," says Kunis.

She also expressed, the large number of film crew who witnessed the scene, makes less and less freely Kunis acting. "There were about 150 people who saw the scene crew. Intimate scene between me and Timberlake, they see it in detail," says Kunis.

She is also enthusiastic when told about her role in the movie 'Black Swan' with actress Natalie Portman. Again, vulgar Kunis must perform in a play with co-star. This time, she told involved a same-sex love with a ballerina, played by Portman.


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