Dewi Persik topless in action

Dewi Persik nude photos that had circulated a few weeks ago, was shocking number of mass media. However, the shock is not lost both parents Dewi Persik who saw the news. "The parents I was shocked and very surprised when he knows the photo was circulating," said Dewi Persik to, Saturday, December 4, 2010.

Dewi Persik said that she had apologized to her parents about the photos circulating on the internet. "I have to explain it all to my parents, and I apologize for the photograph, that the true picture was made in the boss's office, but that photo for my personal collection, and is usually with friends in the makeup room," says the artist who is familiar Depe addressed it.

Dewi Persik admitting to being less careful in keeping her personal documents, including photographs. "Indeed I will one slobbery things begituan, this form of warning that I might be more careful again if you want to document something." he said.

Dewi Persik artist sexy photo circulating in cyberspace. This time, the photograph showing Dewi Persik not wear the top. Fortunately the chest with no clothes were covered with long hair flowing in front of the Goddess.

Depe not bother with the picture that is now circulating widely. Saiful Jamil ex-wife is also not thought about the legal steps for the sexy photo spread.


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