Heidi Montag husband will sell their porn videos

Besides threatening to expose the story of her marriage life with Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt is also threatening to publish videos of their sex.

According to celebrity website TMZ, the husband Montag, Spencer store so many videos sexually arousing them both, with Heidi's appearance before and after undergoing plastic surgery ten times.

As quoted from Hollyscoop, Spencer Heidi threaten to give a very clear ultimatum. When Heidi refuses to do a reality show as before, Spencer will release a sex tape which he called very exceptional.

When this couple who were reportedly involved disputes about this divorce was in the same hotel in Costa Rica, is expected to stay in two separate rooms, to discuss some of the video.

According to Spencer, Heidi Spencer fear to hear the threat. "She's scared because she did not want to go through filming a reality show again," said Spencer. He reiterated the video will be released when Heidi refused his request.

Various rumors developed following the threat of Spencer. They are suspected of collaborating to defraud. The couple were actually still in a relationship even though Heidi already filed a petition for divorce in July.

Plans for this video publication intentional to show who plays villain Spencer and Heidi will be the victim of shame for the video release of absorbing it.


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