Scarlett Johansson versus Angelina Jolie

Marilyn Monroe's life story will be filmed. Reportedly, the main candidates who will portray the singer sensual 60s era is Angelina Jolie.

Although Jolie had expressed no interest in starring in a blonde sex symbol, but the crew in film production is still putting the mother of six children as a potential candidate in the film adaptation of Andrew O'Hagan's book.

However, recently there are rumors stating, lover Brad Pitt is not the only strong candidate to play Marilyn Monroe. Apparently, the name of Scarlett Johansson will reportedly compete with Angelina Jolie to get the role.

"Angelina is a strong candidate, but she is considered able to look nice starred Monroe," said a source from Hollywood.

The source also revealed that Scarlett is younger, has blond hair and has proved to have the talent to star in challenging roles.

What Scarlett's reaction? Sexy star recently claimed to have been a hobby shop, because there has been no shooting schedule. "I'm just an actress waiting to bid on a movie role. So, I have much time to wait for bids. And, I spend free time for shopping. "

In addition, George Clooney is also claimed to be a strong candidate to star in a close friend of Monroe, Frank Sinatra


  • Awesome to see this comparison... talked to my friends about this after watching Scarlett in Iron Man II. Because of her looks and build, I think Scarlett could exceed Angelina if she pursued this role of a kick butt actress. It's the image she portrays. Her build is more realistic in portraying a person capable of being sexy and being a fighter. similar to Milla Jovovich.. Whereas, hollywood can make stick figures like Angelina seem real, just not my cup of tea.

  • whoops.. guess I didn't real the whole article. Thought it was just comparing the two actresses as heroine's. As for Marilyn Monroe... hands down Scarlett.

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