Paris Hilton hide Cocaine in Vagina?

Another controversial story about Paris Hilton. A friend of socialite Paris gave testimony never hid cocaine in her vagina.

"That's why the first thing she did was ask the police in Vegas to use the bathroom," said the friend who uses the pseudonym of Caroline to the specialist investigative journalist Ian Halperin Undercover, as reported on its Web site ianundercover, Wednesday (09/01/2010).

Paris know using the vagina is the only chance to hide the cocaine and escape from prison. "Paris is not as stupid as it looks. She was one of those very clever and good at manipulating people. And she can think quickly as she did in Las Vegas," said the friend. But this time, the Paris did not manage to hide the cocaine. These illicit goods fell from her bag, and immediately retrieved the police.

The friend also said Paris had to fool airport security officers by hiding drugs in condoms and then slipped it into her vagina. "Paris is very professional in it," says Caroline again.

Caroline admitted loving socialite Paris but she was assessing the need professional help to stop using drugs. "It's time for her mirror and realized she was no longer the age of 21 years," she said.

Paris Hilton who was born in New York February 17, 1981 was the heir to the Hilton Hotels Corporation and real estate company his father, Richard Hilton. She repeatedly had to deal with the police. First, she was arrested on September 7, 2006 because the car was caught driving a Mercedes in a state of alcohol content exceeds the threshold. He was sentenced to 36 days trial.

In the year 2010, Paris has been arrested three times because of drugs. On July 2, 2010, the star of the series 'The Simple Life' was caught carrying cannabis in her bag while watching the World Cup in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Kala's troupe of Paris and other celebrities are heavily guarded police.

But suddenly approached the bag bloodhound Paris, when searched was found marijuana inside. At that time, a spokesman for Paris reveal that only one of perception. Paris was taken to a police station but released shortly afterwards.

Only difference in a dozen days, on July 18, 2010, Paris re-arrested while in the airport closed, the island of Corsica in France. Officers found marijuana in her purse. He secured the police, questioned but released shortly afterwards.

Smoking can easily seem to make Paris more courageous. Paris police re-arrested for drug cases. Las Vegas police stopped the car driven by Paris with a friend on Friday (08/27/2010) night. Paris at that time the police suspected marijuana was sucking in the car.

They were then taken to a police station for investigation. After the test, the blood of Paris showed that former boyfriend Benji Madden had just consumed cocaine. Yet again, again and again, she can get out of custody on bail


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