What does Lindsay Lohan after being released from prison?

Lindsay Lohan on Prison (Getty)
After release from jail, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan will be there during the recounts. A TV station had already signed Lilo to appear on a talk show.

Lindsay's plans to appear on TV has been agreed upon by the mother, Donata or Dina. Lindsay agreed to appear in such TV shows after they finish serving a prison sentence.

"On Monday night 19 July 2010 the previous night in jail, he signed an exclusive contract for television," said one source as quoted by Showbiz Spy, Friday 23 July 2010
On the talk shows are women born July 2, 1986 it will recount experiences in prison. He will appear for three consecutive days.

24-year-old movie star was languishing in a cell at the Century Regional detention Facility, Lynwood, California since Tuesday 20 July 2010. Lindsay Lohan will stay in jail for 14 days


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