Aurelle did not agree with her mother action kissing Raul

detik hot courtesy
Aurelle, daughter of Kris Krisdayanti, did not agree with his actions with Raul's because her mother kissing Raul in public. Aurelle also join support groups 'Say No To Krisdayanti' on Facebook.
Elsie Lontoh, friends of singer Krisdayanti 'Pilihlah Aku' was aware of the group 'Say No To Krisdayanti' from Aurelle. Krisdayanti’s daughter from her marriage with Anang was send a link to the group.

"She (Aurelle) do not agree, so she also joined the group 'Say No To Krisdayanti' on Facebook " said Elsie, when talking with detikhot by phone, Sunday 25 July 2010.

Seeing her son did not agree with her actions, the KD was not angry. Yuni’s Sister were immediately apologized to Aurelle.

"She (Krisdayanti), direct telephone Aurelle, she explain and apologize," said Elsie.

Group 'Say No To Kris Krisdayanti' appeared in Facebook after KD and Raul show off their affection at a press conference that was held on Wednesday 21 July 2010. Today, supporters of the group had reached 102 027 members.


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