Krisdayanti apologize because of action her kiss with Raul

Krisdatanti reaps many blasphemy because she kisses with her lover, Raul Lemos. Krisdayanti admitted the kiss was not intentionally done. It all happened because the reflexes. Anda she admitted to straighten the matter of kissing action.

"I represent my own personal and Raul. And this one-day interval, I want to set the record straight; I do so without the intent to hurt or fishing. That reflex of the women who fall in love," said Krisdayanti.

Anang Hermansyah's widow also apologized to his mother. Krisdayanti say sorry and have confessed to kiss the action.

"I also apologize to my mom because I got embarrassed. I learned ethics, and people (the mother) that I was taught morals. And I apologize to my mother earlier on. I also saw the incredible impact of Facebook and of blasphemy- I consider blasphemy is positive. I am sorry and say with a lover's kiss me do it. Can not help it I do not even justify it, my reflexes, "she explained.

Not only that KD also apologized to his two children, Aurelie and Azriel. "I also apologize to my child Aurelie and Azriel and my friends and the whole society. With this I am grateful to this problem because it made learning for me," concluded KD


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