Agnes Monica encourage Luna Maya

Cases involving pornographic videos Luna Maya made public blasphemed. Agnes Monica did not want to be blasphemous. She provides support for the former presenter's of “Dahsyat”.

"I'm supportive, but not supporting her actions. I encourage and support a problem that she faced. And at times like that we know who those close to and care about us. Because if we are again on top, its difficult. If we again there is a problem, we will be far away by people, "said Agnes, who met at RCTI Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Monday

Energetic singer was admitted, lost contact with Luna Maya. Agnes Monica had formerly PIN BB (Blackberry) Luna, but since BB Agnes lost, she gets lost contact. "I really wanted to BB-in to her, 'It's ok, not look so down'," said Agnes.

According to one juror Indonesian Idol 2010, people could only see Luna, Ariel, and Dance Cut from the outside only. Can not sympathize porn their feelings after a video circulated.

"Since we are not in their position, so we know not difficult. We can not get forced them to come to this, so. That if I see it sorry. Deed they did wrong. Problem apology or not, we can not get to see things from our side," Agnes Monica said


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