Justin Timberlake act with Amanda Seyfried

Singer Justin Timberlake will slowly pull away from the world to vote for a serious actor. Not yet finished working on 'Friends with Benefits', Justin has got an offer to act in the 'I'm.Mortal'.

As reported by Aceshowbiz, Thursday 29 July 2010, former NSYNC personnel glance to be a major star 'I'm. Mortal'. If agreed, Justin will compete acting with actress Amanda Seyfried.

'I'm. Mortal' the genre of science fiction, featuring the story of when human beings are no longer aging. However, only rich people could get a chance for eternal life, while people who are poor have to fight extra hard to extend the life.

'I'm. Mortal' directed and written the script by Andrew Niccol. But until now, yet we can be sure when the film will be released.

Meanwhile, in October next, Justin will be releasing 'The Social Network'. 'Bad Teacher', the film with his ex-girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, will follow later.


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