Paris got problem, again!

A hair extension manufacturer named Hairtech International reportedly filed a lawsuit on Paris Hilton because this actress was deemed to have violated contractual agreements between them. No kidding Hairtech requesting material compensation worth U.S. $ 35 million.

In the lawsuit filed to the court, Hairtech states that in 2007 then the company has to pay Paris Hilton to become an icon of the Dream Catcher's product line they are but a few times she looks appear in public wearing Hairtech competitor's product.

In addition, according to Splash News, Paris Hilton also sued Hairtech bad reputation because this artist is considered to have damaged the image of the products they build. During Hairtech contract with Paris was dealing with the law several times because of drug and alcohol abuse.

In addition, the company also claimed to suffer approximately U.S. $ 6.6 million because Paris Hilton did not attend the party held Hairtech. At that Paris Hilton really is languishing behind bars. So far, the spokesman of the Paris Hilton still has not release any official statement.


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