Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris has reunited again?

The former and boss of Playboy Magazine Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris now back together. Both announced their relationship through Twitter. "Glad to be back home in the Playboy Mansion with @ hughhefner and our dog Charlie. I miss all the laughter and love," writes Crystal Aceshowbiz launched on Saturday (06/02/2012).
She then assured her followers in Twitter.
Crystal Harris has now admitted it back into the arms of Hugh. "Yes, me and @ hughhefner back together. Yes I'm female number 1 again. Yes we are happy. I hope this can align all of your confusion," she continued.
Hugh Hefner was then respond to tweet. Make sure he and Crystal are canceled 5 days before the wedding engagement was back together. "Back with Crystal Harris is not surprising because I did have a history of always close with my ex-girlfriend," said Hugh.


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