Justin Bieber was arrested?

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Justin Bieber was arrested? - Teen pop star Justin Bieber was arrested in South Florida on Thursday 23 January 2014 due to on charges of driving while drunk alcohol after being caught doing illegal racing on the highway with a rented yellow Lamborghini, police said. Two SUVs blocked the highway, so the singer of the song " Boyfriend " 19-year -old could race with his friend , who was driving a red Ferrari rental , Miami Beach police spokesman , Vivian Hernandez. Justin Bieber was also charged with refusing arrest without violence and driving with output Georgia driver's license is expired , said Hernandez . Bieber's friend , who is also a singer , Khalil Sharieff , was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol , the spokesman said .
He said Justin Bieber seems to be allowed bail filed after he was transferred to another prison . Opa - locka City police , Florida said it is investigating the action officer who gave an unofficial escort to Bieber and his entourage pass traffic after they landed at the local airport. Justin Bieber offstage behavior often overshadows his musical career during the past year when the rising Canadian star at the age of 15 years was growing up . Earlier this month , detectives raided the home of Bieber in California after he was accused of throwing a neighbor's home with eggs, according to Reuters
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