Caught in the act : Justin Bieber hold Selena's butt!!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seems to have no longer shy show intimacy in public. After several times seen kissing, this time caught Justin Bieber was holding Selena's butt. Oops! The incident caught on camera while Bieber traveled to Washington DC, USA, Sunday (12/11/2011) local time. In all activities Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez does look always accompany. Thus was launched the Daily Mail, Monday (12/12/2011) Singer of 'Baby' was seen wearing black jeans, boots and a gray patterned sweater. He also wore a black wool hat on his head to protect hair that became his trademark. Meanwhile, Selena looked beautiful with brown pants, black leather jacket and customized with accessories. Black knee-high boots and a long scarf, further adds to the appearance of Selena look fashionable. Not long ago, Bieber and Selena had a holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While there, Justin looks fun photographing Selena looks sexy with a bikini.


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