Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds want adopt baby

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds want adopt baby - Actress Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is rumored to have been officially dating. Sandra and Ryan also plans to adopt a child together. Sandra has been a foster mother of Louis, who is now aged 19 months. She was happy living with Louis after her divorce from Jesse James. While Ryan was a long time longed for a baby. Households Ryan and Scarlett Johansson also have run aground because they did not have time to build a small family. Post divorce, Ryan spent much time with Sandra. Louis even consider movie stars 'Burried' it as his own father. Speculation both want to add family members emerged. "There's no way Sandy (Sandra) will let Ryan make a strong bond with Louis if she did not see a future with Ryan," said a source quoted by Showbiz Spy, Saturday (09/03/2011). The relatives of both were convinced Sandra and Ryan get along. Friendship the two stars 'The Proposal' was very close and love grew between them. "They're a great team. Sandy and Ryan are good friends and love blossomed from a solid foundation. They share the same family values ​​so they give each other strength to go forward," said the source.


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