Natalie Portman enjoy with dirty joke

Natalie Portman enjoy with dirty joke - Natalie Portman is enjoying her involvement in a new comedy film titled 'Your Highness'. Not only characters, but also the atmosphere of filming. Especially dirty jokes are always asked the crew and actors on the set.

This beautiful artist 29 years through the process of filming with handsome actor James Franco and Zoey Deschanel. She claimed that the film crew consisting of Irish and British people have a lewd sense of humor. Instead of feeling offended, he just loved it.

"Dirty jokes they make me laugh. I'm not angry, although it is embarrassing," said a woman who was pregnant with the child from this Mllepiled Benjamin, as quoted by page ShowbizSpy.

The joke was ejected during the filming process that takes place in County Antrim background and County Down, Northern Ireland. But indeed, the joke was sometimes excessive. There is a time and place that is inappropriate for dirty jokes. "But, I do not really think about it," she said.

This beautiful artist switched from a movie that is very draining mentally and energy into light comedy. She asserted that she had no qualms about appearing in comedy films. "The thing I want is not to be arrogant to just do a weighted films. It is actually only going to limit me," she said.

She also said she did not want printed as an artist honor. "Meryl Streep does not do what they call a film that is true all the time. Sometimes we have to have fun, not only meet the expectations of others, "said Oscar winner for her role in the movie 'Black Swan.


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