Lady Gaga want naked on TV

Lady Gaga want naked on TV - Lady Gaga want to appear naked on all television shows. According to her, what it does it will be 'eternal.' "Perhaps we should look more timeless. Maybe we should just wear a classic black dress all the time. Or just simply naked. That is the way to always look stylish, "says Gaga.

"From now on, I will appear nude in the television show, so I will be 'eternal,'" said Gaga Female first quoted as saying. Gaga is not yet known whether that meant it. What is clear, singer 25-year note is like an eccentric-style dresses.

Gaga never wore clothes made ​​entirely from pieces of meat. She also never wore clothes made ​​of plastic frozen. Chanter hits 'Born This Way' was recently revealed, he would start a side career as a writer style.

She will fill in the fields of fashion for V magazine started in May. "I have a nice little news. Starting next month, I will become a columnist for Vmagazine Fashion + Art, "wrote Gaga on her twitter account.


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