Megan Fox body tattoos

Megan Fox body tattoos - Megan Fox is renowned as one artist who has a sexy body. Thanks to the beauty of her body, these artists often get the title as the sexiest actress in the world. And that increase its appeal is the tattoos that adorn her body

Tattoos that adorn the body beautiful wife of Brian Austin Green is not just any pictures or writing. However, the tattoo is a personal message for her that has its own meaning.

The first tattoo is located on the back of her right rear. She made a tattoo with the words 'We will from all laugh at Gilded butterflies'. And Fox never forgets to showcase the writings and drawings on her body in every scene starring film or video clips.

Like when the artist became a star in the video clip Rihanna and Eminem's song titled 'Love The Way You Lie'. She also showed a number of tattoos in the video. As in her hands.

24-year-old artist is very fond of making tattoos by using phrases that have special meaning for him.

As the words contained in the ribs. So she brought her a sentence in the English language. Here are the words written on her left rib section. 'There once was a little girl WHO Never Knew Love Until a boy broke her HEART. "

Not only the sentence, on her right wrist there is a picture of Marilyn Monroe's face. Fox was greatly admired these Hollywood icons. While in her right ankle, the star of the movie 'Transformers' has a crescent images made with colored ink.

Still not satisfied, it also adds a tattoo artist Yin and Yang symbol on her left wrist. If viewed from a distance symbol that does not clearly visible. Then in the back of her neck, she also has a tattoo ink made of China as a symbol of strength.

She did not forget to get a tattoo bearing the name of her husband in the body that are closed. Tattooing was made Fox since she began an affair with a former player series 'Beverly Hills 90210'.


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