Lady Gaga support for tsunami victim in Japan

Lady Gaga support for tsunami victim in Japan - No mere utterance of grief through Twitter, Lady Gaga another way to express a sense of grief to the tsunami disaster in Japan. This eccentric singer designed a bracelet that the proceeds will be donated to tsunami victims.

Gaga sell bracelets in white and red with the words 'We Pray For Japan' and writing kanji around the bracelet. Bracelet worth U.S. $ 5 promoted through Twitter.

"I designed the Japan Prayer Bracelets. Buy / Donate here and all the donations will be given to the tsunami disaster efforts," wrote Gaga in her Twitter account, as reported by the pages of U.S. Magazine.

Chanter 'Poker Face'is also requesting a collection of fans, who have the title 'Little Monsters' to buy the bracelet in the pages of his website.

Gaga addition, a number of other Hollywood celebrities also expressed their condolences via Twitter. Among others, Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

For your information, since the tsunami that struck Japan last Friday until today, the official death toll was recorded from the Japanese police numbered 686 people dead and 641 still missing


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