Johnny Depp role as Elvis Presley

Wide-screen film about the life of Elvis Presley will soon be made. Some actors are interested in getting a role as Elvis Presley. And Johnny Depp was mentioned interested to portray the legendary singer.

Pirates of The Caribbean, Johnny Depp who desperately wants to play Elvis.
A source close to the star of 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' that says if the lover Vanessa Paradis are always interested in things that smelled of music including the figure of Elvis Presley.

"Depp was stunned figure of Elvis because the singer had a strong character and inspire many people," said the source was quoted as saying of the Music Room, Wednesday, February 2, 2010.

The source went on the man born June 6, 1963 it will be very happy if I could portray the dark side of the legendary Elvis Presley to become superstars and icons in the music world.

"Depp was enthusiastic to figure Elvis. He can act it is the best thing in his life," said the source again.

Despite status as an actor, music is not a new world for the father of two children. He has long been interested in the music world. And he knew his interest in music. Depp has a band and he played the guitar in his band. In fact, he ever created a song for a British band


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