Demi Lovato after rehab

After undergoing rehabilitation treatment for three months, the young actress Demi Lovato finally get back together with her family. She has been allowed to return to her home on Friday. According to sources from Celebuzz, Saturday, January 29, 2011, Lovato will still undergoing treatment. However, she did not have to stay at the rehab.

She was allowed to undergo outpatient treatment. After undergoing rehabilitation, 18-year-old artist looks fresh and more beautiful. She also showcased her smile when she started out to just relax.

"She was very grateful to all the fans who have given tremendous support," said the source.

Still according to sources, this Disney star can not wait to see loyal fans. She missed her fans are always loyal support her when she was sinking.

This young artist's decision to undergo rehabilitation is very surprising. Because of Lovato do it suddenly. At that time, she and the Jonas Brothers are doing music concerts in South America. However, in the middle of the concert, the artist decided to stop the concert and undergo rehabilitation.

18-year-old actress is in rehab in October. She underwent rehabilitation to overcome emotional and physical problems. Lovato to do that after being involved in an argument with a background dancer on the plane.


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