Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper - Two years establish love actress Renee Zellweger decided to leave Bradley Cooper. However Renee is now curious about the new boyfriend Bradley. Bradley Cooper, Movie stars 'New York I Love You ' was reported have formed a love with the actress Olivia Wilde. So also with Renee, now she was close to musician John Mayer. But two years is long enough to reap the good memories with Bradley. Renee's not that easy to forget her former lover.
"Renee respect her decision and her motivation but to hear him dating another woman, an actress with such a high reputation, is never easy for her," said close friend Renee told Showbiz Spy, Thursday (02/06/2011). Renee was so close to Bradley and his family. Love to Bradley still exist in the hearts of 42-year-old woman. "She still had feelings for Bradley and feel like once again she is committed to the wrong guy,"said the source.


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