Arnold Schwarzenegger affair confess

Arnold Schwarzenegger affair confess - Arnold Schwarzenegger affair's, Mildred Baena finally speak up. Not only that, Mildred also disclosed her meeting with Maria Shriver. Recently, Mildred who is now aged 50 years were interviewed magazine Hello!. In the interview, Mildred reveal the moment when Maria knows to do with her ​​husband.
"Maria did not ask directly whether Joseph was the son of Arnold, and I can only cry. At that time, I immediately knelt down and crying I said, yes, he is the son and I feel very guilty," said the woman was born in Guatemala. Mildred added, then Mary was crying too. During the conversation Mary never said an unkind word or even angry.
"She (Mary) is very strong. She cried with me and asked me to stand. We hugged and I said, it was not one of Arnold, one of the two of us. That's what makes me admire him, she was very strong and can deal with this issue calmly , "she explained. Mildred said, her relationship with Arnold only brief. She also told a former governor of California was that Joseph was the blood and flesh recently. However, she felt that Mary was already suspected for a long time. Especially when she brings home Arnold Joseph. Not just like Arnold, Joseph is also similar to Christopher, son Arnold.


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