Duke and Duchess of Cambdridge : Prince William with Kate Middleton

Duke and Duchess of Cambdridge : Prince William with Kate Middleton - The procession in Westminster Abbey Church to kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, London, is the peak day of the wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton, 29 April 2011. However, another climax followed. Outside the court of public increasingly hysterical when Prince William and his wife - who now holds the Duke and Duchess of Cambdridge - both out of the palace.

Towards their haven at Clarence House, such as the BBC broadcast, the two lovebirds prospective heir to the British throne was driving a car Aston Martin Volante open the hood of a car with license plate reading "Ju5t WED" decorated with balloons. William at the helm, while Kate sat beside him, waving his hand to the public in all directions.

According to the Associated Press news agency, a car purchased William's father, Prince Charles, in 1969. However, the fuel has been replaced, than conventional gasoline-fueled bioethanol, which is processed from environmentally friendly wine dregs. This never happened in the history of the British royal family weddings, including her father William and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

They each ride as to where the blessing of marriage in Westminster Abbey. From there, William and wife compromise with the royal horse-drawn carriage ride to Buckingham Palace made in 1902, before it finally came out again with the car.

It seems that William and Kate mistakenly entered the modern elements in the royal wedding. They represent the tradition of the young brides of today, a very practical and minimalist. Certainly very different from their parents when they got married William 30 years ago, that is not always ride horse-drawn carriage with the royal army escort.

This is also evident from the bride wedding dress, which also became one of the attractions of the British royal wedding. The dress worn Kate monarchy represented a mix of traditional style with modern approach characterized by a minimalist.

The election of the fashion house's famous designer, Alexander McQueen, to create her wedding dress can not be separated because they highlight the uniqueness of the design of natural keindahahan, as well as traditional suture techniques. The official website of Prince William and Kate's wedding, officialroyalwedding2011.org, disclosed details of the dress designs are done Sarah Burton.

This dress turned out to symbolize eternity, because it is made jointly by the craftsmen from across the UK. Design a dress full of arts and crafts original bermaterial and romantic details. Design Sarah Burton was referring to the royal heritage, with elaborate decoration pieces and fit the character of distinctive, contemporary and feminine.

Benefits for the UK

Modern Wedding William and Kate did not just get a noisy welcome from many people in London and other cities across the UK. Through a live television broadcast on the BBC, a celebration that gets the attention of billions of pairs of eyes in different parts of the world.

In Indonesia, the community enthusiastically welcomed the wedding was William-Kate. In a reception at a hotel in Jakarta, Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo, former Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda to famous designer Harry Dharsono witnessed the wedding ceremony enthusiastically member of the British Empire from the television screen width.

British Ambassador to Indonesia Martin Hatfull, pleased with the amount of public attention in Indonesia for the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton. "For days the mass media here is presenting an intensive coverage of the wedding our prince and the public greeted with enthusiasm," said Hatfull, who already served three years in Indonesia.

According Hatfull, William and Kate's wedding day it raises important implications for the British people, since this is considered as a moment to welcome two big celebration in the country, which will take place next year.

First, the British people will celebrate 60 years bertahtanya William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who in his grandson's wedding day is still looked healthy and fresh. In addition, in mid-2012, London will host the biggest sports party, the Olympics.

In addition, the enthusiasm the British people celebrate weddings William-Kate helped boost their confidence to recover from the financial recession, which hit the country in 2007-2008. This moment also helped raise revenue in the tourism sector. Many tourists from foreign countries coming on the wedding day special, and the sale of souvenir picture of the British royal family members also increased

"The celebration of this marriage also caused great supplement for tourism. Association of British hotel manager reported a spike in occupancy rates ahead of the wedding day. Members of the seller in the West End, London, believes that this weekend they can bring in revenue of tens of millions of pounds sterling," said Hatfull .

"So, there are projections in the next twelve months, when combined with two major events above, in the UK tourism industry is optimistic in a big revenue boost. In two years, revenue in the tourism sector could reach up to 2 billion pounds sterling," Hatfull said.


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