Justin Bieber talk about Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber talk about Selena Gomez - Although often caught being together and intimate way with Selena Gomez, Justi Bieber mouth shut about its proximity to the artist. But after a while, finally Bieber open talking about Gomez.

Chanter 'Baby' is telling his fans why he was happy to be near Gomez. He said to be near him always happy Gomez.

And this is his first confession about a woman who was reportedly close to it.

"This is very important because she makes me laugh. I am a person who likes to crack jokes, so I was happy when being around people who can make me laugh," Bieber said as quoted by the People, Monday, March 7, 2011.

And people who are able to make him comfortable and able to share a sense of humor by Biaber is Gomez. He also revealed that 18-year-old artist has an interesting personality.

Not only that, unashamedly, a Canadian singer also admitted that if Gomez is a woman sexy and fun.

"She's very sexy and everyone like a sexy woman. And she is a great person and I think she has the best smile in the world," he said.

However, the singer who had just celebrated the birthday of the 17th year is still shy to discuss the relationship with Gomez. Bieber said Gomez was for her friend


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