Playboy Boss Hugh Hefner getting married

Inventor as well as adult magazine Playboy boss Hugh Hefner, intends to terminate the bachelor at the age of 84 years. Women who are lucky will purpose is his girlfriend, Crystal Harris, who is still young, 24 years old.

This exciting news Hefner posted on social networking site Twitter right on Christmas day, as quoted by The Telegraph. In its status, Hefner said that he and Crystal Harris was engaged on Christmas Eve.

"When I gave Crystal a ring, she was drop tears. This is the happiest moment in the Christmas holidays," Hefner wrote.

Hefner, who made Playboy in 1953, divorced from his second wife, Kimberley Conrad, early last year. His first marriage with Mildred Williams also ended in divorce in 1959.

Crystal Harris is a model of Playboy Magazine December 2009. American-born girl 60 years younger than Hefner, has British blood.


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