Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway nude?

In order to promo her latest film, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway was asked photographed nude for the front cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Both also look relaxed and not feel awkward.

The film 'Love and Other Drugs', starring the two, will show an exciting scene recognized Hathaway, had made her cry. The scene of 'hot' it could also bring controversy, but the actors and actresses did not want to complicate. Both actually looks relaxed in response to the pros and cons.

While doing a photo session for the cover of Entertainment Weekly, Hathaway and claimed untu Gyllenhaal undress them. James White, the photographer felt comfortable when working with actors and actresses, which he called very cooperative.

"They did not look awkward and shy. I think they've got used to see each other naked, according to the movie scene that they lakoni," White said jokingly.

When interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, Hathaway talked a lot when he was acting scenes 'hot' with Gyllenhaal. Hathaway said she initially felt nervous for the nude in front of his co-star, but until the end of filming he became accustomed.

"I'm not going to bikini without a reason. Similarly, if I was to undress in front of the opponent's play. I should know the obvious reasons and will only happen in the movie," she said.


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