Katy Perry almost topless

The new show stars competed in the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) in 2010. Singer Katy Perry almost topless. Katy came unaccompanied fiance, actor Russell Brands. Katy wearing transparent clothing that is super sexy. Thus was launched Zimbio, Monday (09/13/2010).

Chanter body upper body hits 'California Gurls' is only a transparent material with a lace wrapped the hoop. Lace stitches are formed tribal and flower shapes. Katy breast part was just covered with these black lace. While the curve of her breasts could still be seen clearly.

At the bottom, short white cloth circle. But the cloth did not cover all Katy thigh. The singer hits 'I Kissed a Girl' it looks very confident with her appearance. No lag, Katy had to change his hairstyle. Katy wear her hair down with a high light magenta and blue.
source : detikhot


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