Van Damme do not want defeated by Jet Li

Why does Jean-Claude Van Damme does not appear in 'The Expendables'? The director of 'The Expendables' Sylvester Stallone has actually offered it to join the actor in the film that brought such an action star. But Van Damme refused. What reason?

'The Expendables' despite getting a bad review is now the box office in the United States (U.S.). This film brings some top action stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Steve Austin, Randy Couture, and Eric Roberts.

Stallone actually also want Steven Seagal and Van Damme to have appeared in the film. But the bid was rejected Stallone Van Damme. Belgian star Jet Li would not beat him in that film. In a film that tells the story of mercenaries to defeat the dictator in a country middle of nowhere in South America, eventually Jet Li fight Dolph Lundren.

"I plan Van Damme fight against Jet Li. But he did not want to have to beat Jet Li," explains Stallone as quoted by British newspaper The Sunday Times.

Stallone stars rate 'Universal Soldier' was rejected because he could not see the satire in the film.

"He does not think the scene was cool. And it is very cool when Van Damme beaten the other actors. But Steven Seagal and Vandame not realize our humor," said Stallone.

Van Damme turned down the offer now may regret it because 'The expendable' sold well in the U.S.. Stallone also intends to make sequelnya. Did Van Damme and Steven Seagal would eventually appear in the sequel?


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