Robert Pattinson won the title as the sexiest man

Robert Pattinson successfully elected as the sexiest man on earth. This cool actor occupies the first position as the sexiest man of 50 men handsome version of Glamour. This is the second time Robert got the title.

Remarkably, as quoted from Femalefirst, Friday, August 20, 2010, five major positions filled by the supporting actor movie 'Twilight' who raised the name of Robert Pattinson in the world of entertainment universe. They-they are acting Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. Taylor was second. While Xavier Samuel and Kellan Lutz are in fourth and fifth positions.

While in the third position is occupied by Ian Somerhalder who starred in the film 'The Vampire Diaries'.

This poll participants consisted of 50 thousand people who were readers In addition to the young star, a senior actors were also in a large 50 sexiest men.

Actor Johnny Depp was in sixth position. Johnny dropped dramatically since last year she was second. Meanwhile, the footballer David Beckham was at number 21. George Clooney must be satisfied just being in 35th position.


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