Nicole Richie: Make sure your clothes safe!

Socialite Nicole Richie (28) have a surefire way to ensure that the clothing he was wearing was not going to cause problems for him at the event will be attended. He tested his clothes with a rocking energetic security in front of the mirror in her house, before he departed to the destination.

"When you go out and have your dress, you should check that everything is attached securely by way of dancing in front of the mirror," he said.

Richie, who has two children, Harlow (2) and Sparrow (11 months), from her fiance, Joel Madden, also said that he was proud of his performance, getting the best for it, and encourage other women to do the same.

Talking of Winter Kate output labeled clothing, the fashion designer says, "I tend to dress more elegantly than most other women."

Richie continued, "I knew it was a big struggle for many women to dress up, especially now that the women worked, because it can be very uncomfortable." He added, "So, it's important for me with my role to create a more stylish clothing, but easy to apply. And, it's a matter of clothing materials."


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