Raul kiss Krisdayanti on public

What makes the Krisdayanti want on dating again by Raul Lemos? Apparently the word 'singer' Pilihlah Aku ' was, Raul Valor able to make it romantic couple.

"All of the criteria fails, there is to Raul. He was polite and handsome," KD said as she smiled shyly at a news conference at the Excelsior Cafe n Restaurant, South Jakarta, Wednesday

Added Taio Cruz's younger brother, Raul is also able to make it feel love again. "His gaze alone was visible cordial," said Krisdayanti intimate look at her lover.

Raul and KD now was fall in love. We also held a press conference and they did not hesitate to show their affection. Even they were kissing lips.

About its status, confirmed Raul, a religion she was divorced  by Ata. It's just for divorce officially, the new prime divorce trial will be held early August in the District Court of East Timor.


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