Luna Maya possible arrested by police

Until now, the status of Luna Maya is still as relevant witnesses alleged cases of pornographic video starring her. However, according to police, there is the possibility of Ariel boyfriend had been arrested.
"If we do not yet know the suspect, but may also be suspect. It's no indications so suspect, if you suspect you have been arrested," said passenger Head of Police Headquarters, Kombespol Marwoto, when met at Police Headquarters, Jalan Trunojoyo, South Jakarta, Thursday night.
According Marwoto, the police have the authority to detain Luna Maya if it has strong evidence. When this former soap star's ads are still undergoing intensive.
"It is also the belief of investigators that have not been arrested, investigators believe he will not run, eliminate evidence and so forth," he explained.
Luna was not arrested even though later, stressed that the case file Marwoto presenters 'Powerful' that will keep running until I can follow up to the court. The police had asked all parties to be patient and wise in responding to cases that have been 'go international' it.
"Although it did not hold the file path continues. Later when it's complete witness, expert or experts have gathered all, the examination of the anatomy that she (Luna), has all the physical-physical, it was immediately sent to the prosecutor's file," Ashrafi said.


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