Emma Watson with the highest income

Emma. Beautiful, popular and successful, that is a series of achievements actress 'Harry Potter', Emma Watson. Now 19-year-old girl was named the best young actresses in Hollywood UNCLE HUSSAIN.

Vaniy Fair magazine put Emma Watson in 40th position in line with the highest incomes actress in Hollywood. Her position is 'only' in number 40, but the money that makes a woman who was born 15 April 1990 was to match the names like Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker to Angelina Jolie.

Of course, the actress is already involved earlier in the film Minister Watson industry.

"She earning in 2009 and recorded 20 million pounds (US $ 293 billion - red)." Everything comes from her role as Hermione in the 'Harry Potter' film ", writes magazine Vanity Fair, according to the Daily Mail on Friday (5/2/2010)."

"This incredible success for her, she will be the story of a remarkable life for it." "In an instant, she repeated the year, was at the University before her and she became an actress with costly fees", added Vanity Fair.


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